Thursday, April 28, 2005

Turquoise patches

Last couple of days I have been looking through my yarn stash and found this mix blue cotton yarn that was a gift from my friend Lila. It is a huge ball, 150g! It's so soft , really nice to work with. Since the yarn itself is very colorful already , I chose this model here.

I am working on the back and after a few "start over" reached the armhole section. ( will be posting a picture later).
I had first used needle Jap. 6 (4 mm) but it came out to be too wide and the stiches were kind of loose. Changing to Jap. 4 (3.3 mm) helped to slim it down so that I could just follow the recipe. However, I will need to change the high neckband. It looks elegant but too hot for summer.
I like the geometrical design and is easier to knit than I initially predicted.

My hubby called yesterday night with good news that he already have my Keitodama Summer 2005 edition in his hands. Yes!......
He had an earlier dinner and found a bookstore on his way back to hotel. I had made a copy of the cover but he didn't have with him at the moment. He then decided to try his luck and pick one. Back at the hotel, he checked with my copy and bingo! I guess my reminders before the trip helped. :)
It takes long time for the foreign magazines to arrive here. I am still waiting for my Interweave Knits ( summer ed.)


Peggy said...

It's always such a treat to find, purchase and have in possession new knitting books. :) I like the blue you are working on, it will probably flatter Asian skins more than the beige on the model.

Laura.Y said...

hehe bet u r really excited about it. I laughed reading how u repeatedly reminded him before he went off. I'd probably do the same thing.

sally said...

i'm really looking forward to see the pic that you'll be posting later. and i'm also waiting for my interweave knits summer copy :)

Becky said...

I just got my copy of the interweave knits summer! There are some cute designs in there. You'll enjoy it.