Monday, April 18, 2005

What should I knit next?

It's always very exciting to me to finish a project ( FO, I guess is finished object? Please correct me if I am wrong!). I have to admit that I am new in this blog world. Used to be familiar with programming since I had worked in the computer field in Silicon Valley ten years ago.......
I have been a "stay at home" mom since then, and forget all about computers.
That's why I only know how to get one picture in a post! Still working on that.

Back on the knitting subject, I was trying to say that I also feel so excited and busy to start a new project. Yes, very busy because I need to go through my scattered stash of yarn ( I don't have a nice place to save my yarns) and browse all my knitting books and magazines. And with some trials, I choose this combination of yarn and design. Sorry, you may need to click on the image to zoom out for a better view. I am not a very good photographer either!

I got the yarn on my last trip to Japan ( February 2004) in this store Yuzawaya, same store Eva have visited before. It was on sale ( maybe because it was already winter) and only had 8 balls left. I have been searching for a no sleeve design to make sure I have enough yarn. Also the border will be a challenge, as I only have very basic crochet skills. Will see if it works out. Otherwise, it will be another take home project for Summer when sis will help out!

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mona said...

hi Mimi
I absolutely love all your knits - which book is pink beryl from? Really gorgeous!

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