Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Changing to Caramel Popcorn

It's time for a change....After the unsuccessful Turquoise Patches, I need to knit something new. So again, going through my yarn collection, I found "Helena", a cotton yarn I bought during our last Winter vacation in Korea. Although, "Helena" is made in Hrvatska ( Croatia). My Korean friend, MH took me to this huge Textile center nearby Dongdaemon market in Seoul. It was so much fun and so many yarn stalls that I got lost in the middle of it. Of course with the pressure of a short schedule I ended up with just a small purchase.
Going back to Caramel popcorn, here is the model I am working on. It's from the Japanese Let's Knit series book, Summer 2005.

It's turning like this:

The yarn ball is huge, about 75 g. I got a pack of 4, as the vendor said is enough for a short sleeve. As I am almost done with the front, I am afraid that it won't be enough for the sleeves. How sad, the charm of the blouse is the small sleeves! I normally buy extras when I shop for yarn overseas, but this time it was sold in pack of 4 and I thought 600g would be enough. I guess it is a trouble to ask my friend MH to mailed it to me. Will see what to decide.....

Here is the magazine Hubby got in Japan for me!

I tried to get some pictures but they are really blurred (tried many times) . Sorry, I am not a very good photographer, I posted anyway because I wanted to share it with you.
Love this white top, it has my favorite bobbles, it should be put on my priority list.

This one is a mix of crochet and knitting, so beautiful but hard to make it, maybe it's because has more crochet in it.

On this one, I like the new stich pattern, that looks like a fan. I notice in many magazines the trend for what they call as "double yarn over needle and slipped stiches ".

Keitodama's Summer editions have more crochet designs than I normally wish. In the other side, it comes with some nice lace tops!

In their ad pages I saw this,

I can only read "Shanghai" but the article refers to newly opened yarn stores there, one is Filatura DiCrosa and the other Puppy ( from the article,I guessed it just opened in March 2 of this year).
Need to keep this info in mind, it has addresses of these two stores. I wished I had this info last December when I traveled to Shanghai. Did not know where to buy yarn and resorted to ask a lady that was walking and knitting (?? :) ) at Yuyuan Gardens & Bazaar. She was nice to direct me to this warehouse look center. I followed her, although a little scared and short of time ( Hubby and my boys were waiting for me at Haggen Daz shop). After going thru what it felt like a maze and trying to remember my way back we reached out Yuyuan. There were so many people in there and they were selling all kinds of things from sewing, small tools, gifts,toys,etc... Found 2 stalls selling yarn. I got some yarn, very thin but I liked the mixed hues of violet and grass green , and rushed back to Yuyuan. I was afraid to get lost in there and Hubby could not find me. ( Of course the boys complained, even with double orders of ice cream as I took too long...) I wished to go back and explore the upper level but the boys did not want to go....:(


joy said...

The pattern on the hem and sleeves is very pretty. Since the sleeves are quite short, could you shorten the body a little so there'd be some extra yarn for the sleeves?

Mimi said...

Joy, that was a good advice but in this case, the border uses a lot of yarn even though is just a few rows...Thanks anyway, it was a good fix! :)

Agnes said...

Hi mimi,
Finally I'm able to get back to you! Popcorn is cute ... in case you really run out of yarn, I think your friend doesn't mind getting it for you. As you said, the sleeves are part of the charm of the sweater.
I love the patterns from the Japanese magazines but they are not very widely available here. But that doesn't matter, as I already have too much in my hands!
For the focus of pictures, I recently discovered this about my camera ... see if yours is the same. If I change the focus from 'auto' to 'macro', no matter how close I put it to the object I want to capture, it would auto focus on the object. I don't know if this makes sense to you. :)

Peggy said...

The popcorn trim is very pretty, the gold color really brings out the texture.
I went to Shanghai and stumbled across 1 yarn store. It's in this new mall (I forgot the name) by HK investors at the very north end of Nangjing Road. Right in this fashion mall is a very fashionable yarn shop.

Eva Shiu said...

Hi ! I am glad to see you have set up a blog. Sorry for late visit due to my extreme busy work recently. Your knitting is very beautiful !

Eva Shiu said...

Hi ! I am glad to see you have set up a blog. Sorry for late visit due to my extreme busy work recently. Your knitting is very beautiful !

Becky said...

The sleeves and hem are beautiful details!

Michelle said...

Your projects are great and nice, I like it very much. From all your posted FOs, it seem you like lace and bobble knitting very much.

Happy knitting.

opportunityknits said...

Hope you've managed to figure out what to do with caramel popcorn. The bobbles are cute. I'm thinking of knitting the pink socks for my daughter with soft baby wool, not mohair. But I wonder whether the wool will be too warm too. Thanks for the photos of keito dama!

marjorie said...

I also visited Shanghai and come upon a small yarn shop near Yuyuan. For the 2 yarn shops featured in the article, I think I've been to one of them...looks like it, but not the Puppy one. The imported yarn in Shanghai is more expensive than here in HK so I didn't get any when I was there last year.

楊雅韋 said...