Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hello! I am back!

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting for such a long time. I missed my bloging activities and my knitting friends as well! I came back from San Diego on Aug. 8 and left again on Aug12 for a vacation to Bali. This time Hubby came along and was our family vacation. Beautiful beaches and hotels but no signs of yarns, except mine that came back intact, although I had planned to knit in the plane and beach .
It was only a 5 days trip but combined with my return from US, I was totally exhausted and homesick. For the next few weeks I was trying to reorganize and clean my place even though I came up with a series of cold episodes.
Believe me, I had all the plans to post in San Diego. However, my schedule was so busy that it was hard to find a time to blog. So I decided that I was going to take a break from the computer and also knitting. Yes, I even did not knit much, just managed to finish Pink Beryl and work a bit on Blue Jewel. My time was mainly spent on my shopping because it's my once a year shopping time in US , so I felt I needed to visit every corner of shopping in the area. That' s why I came back with 4 big luggage and 2 small ones.

Of course my sis took me to yarn stores, I only took a couple of pictures since my camera was kind heavy to carry around.
This time, I didn't buy a lot compared to last year. There were plenty of novelty yarns which I don't like much to knit with them and thicker ones. It was a bit overwhelming to choose the yarn. Too many decisions in a short time! :)

I think I visited 7 yarn stores 2 in La Jolla ( Knitting in La Jolla) but just bought in Encinitas ( Common Threads and Black Sheep).

Here are some photos from Common Threads!

Take a look at my yarn! Can't wait to knit with them! It's supposed to be cooler but the thermometers here are marking up to 94F ( 34C).
Not so colorful yarns! And the reason is that I have so many bright colors and I just wanted to diversify a bit.

Now to compensate my lack of posting for such a long time, here are my FO's !

First, presenting Pink Beryl. I had hopes that my Sis would finish the crochet border for me but she was so busy and I had to try it myself. I can't believe that I did it and now I can follow some crochet patterns. I got some hints from her and I was even able to align the crochet border with the knitted part.

Also, my Blue Jewel is all finished. I added some short sleeves and substituted the original high collar to low neckline style.

And my last FO, which is sort of my own creation. I normally don't tempt for this kind of adventure as I like to knit following a pattern without worrying for the decreases and increases. On this project I had hard time to find a pattern to fit the yarn as I was looking for an open cardigan style and I really wanted a ruffled border. Also, I wanted a fall style, even though it's super warm around here. The gray color and cotton yarn made it possible for me to finish this early fall cardigan. Here is Gray Ruffles.

Last week, I was really contemplating my Gray Ruffles on how original and unique it was. Not until this past Sunday, while I was shopping for my new fall/winter Japanese knitting magazines I found one in which the cover shows a very similar design. I couldn't believe it on how similar it was to my Gray Ruffles. It was also light gray, with ruffles and even the pattern is alike. Theirs look like a trellis pattern as mine ressembles many mini Gucci logos( not on purpose). I still like mine, after all I made it myself! :D Now I need to confess that the sleeves came out a bit slim ( hopefully it will stretch after I washed it! But please just the sleeves!) and the back neckline is looser than I hoped it for. Now let me post it soon. I had hard time posting these pictures as the automated photo pasting function in Blogger was not posting all the photos successfully.

For a while, I have being through a sort of bladder problems. Went to the doctor yesterday but he could not tell me for sure if I have a bladder infection. I still have pain on my right abdomen and lower back side and that I am not sure if it is from my workout (Pilates classes), PMS or as the doctor said it could be a bladder stone. I am taking some medication and I'll have to see if things get better. Otherwise, I'll need to go back for more tests. Now I will rest and knit my next project ( will show next time) and hopefully not focus on my pain. What would I do without my knitting, right? :)


Agnes said...

Wow ... miss you a lot! Welcome back! I love the ruffled cardi you designed ... very feminine and cute on you!
Wish you all the best with the medical tests.

Siow Chin said...

Glad to have you back, Mimi! And sorry to hear about your trouble, hope you get well soonest. Your FOs are fantastic. I'm amazed by your intricate work!

Laura.Y said...

Good to see you back. Get well soon..:) I love the pink beryl and the gray ruffles. Great FOs!

erin said...

Hope you feel better soon. Lovely FOs, especially your own design gray ruffles - it's so classic and fits perfectly too. Glad to have you back.

joy said...

Get better soon! The grey ruffles looks really elegant, and you did it all without a pattern?! Great job!

Doreen said...

Wow, you are back at last. Miss you a lot. All your FOs look great. Remember to take more time to rest and hope you get well soon.

Eva Shiu said...

Beautiful FOs ! I love gray ruffles cardigan especially. Where is the pattern from ?

Toni said...

Hey, welcome back! All your FOs are fab!

Anonymous said...

That is some unbelievable knitting! Beautiful...just beautiful!

Lois said...

The Pink beryl is lovely, so are the other FOs.

yuvee said...

Glad to have you back!! Love all tha FOs, especially the Grey Ruffles, I can't believe you design that yourself!!

楊雅韋 said...