Monday, December 19, 2005

Right in time!

Hi! I wrote this post on Monday but could not paste any pictures( the post editor's toolbar from blogger was unavailable for me !!??? ) until now ( Wed. night)

Thanks for the comments on my cardi and scarf! It's great to be able to share my knitting experiences ( good and bads) with you all.
I have a pile of WIP's and UFO's waiting for their turn. My first on list and priority number one was DH'vest. It took me several stops mainly due to the uncertainty of the size. It's hard as I am only used to knit for myself. Then I also run out of yarn for the borders of the armhole. Yes, I know I left for the last minute but I knew I could make it... Here it's Charcoal vest for DH as today it's DH's Bday!
And modeling for DH is my little son,

I should say my big boy as he is almost 1.70 m and wears size US12 shoes!!?? DH is super busy at work and I don't think it's a good time for me to ask him to take a picture for my blog. So my second son was really nice to take the picture. He immediately agreed but asked if it could be a headless one. He said it's a little embarassing for him to be wearing his dad's vest! Oh, well! He doesn't know what he is missing, the vest is so comfy because it's a mix of merino wool and cashmere. :)

For this vest, I learnt to do the tubular stitch for the border by following the illustrations from a Japanese book. It was a bit hard but I like the result very much. I was not able to sew the borders of the armholes and the V neck in the same way. I tried many times and the yarn was starting to split. So I just did a regular elastic bind-off. I need to practice in a simple swatch to learn the new techniques.

Update: DH seems to like the new vest, he wore it the next day to work. I was already asleep by the time he came back ( yes, he works hard!) and when I opened my eyes I wasn't sure if it was indeed the new vest as he had wore inside out!! I sure did a good job with the seaming, don't you think so? I still can't believe that he wore that way all day long through all the meetings!! :D

I had started another project using a variegated yarn. It's so hard to find a design suitable for this kind of yarn. I have a tendency to buy this type of yarn because i like multi-colors. What I actually wanted was the self stripping yarn. The yarn is from last year purchase, now I know how the self stripping yarn look like.
This design is from the Keitodama Fall 2005. I couldn't take a picture of the design as it was too small.

And last a progress on an UFO that's been negleted since last winter. The reason was because I didn't have enough yarn to finish the sleeves. Last Spring,my sister was able to find it for me but the weather was already warm by then. So now it seems to be a good time to finish it. Only the lot was diferent, in terms of color is just a slightly difference but I am not so happy with the thickness of the new lot. I am using for the bottom of the sleeves, that way the color and the different texture should be less noticeable. I am also changing the stitches on the sleeve as i find it too busy. It has a different pattern that is not present in the body section. As last year I still enjoyed the multi stitches in my sweaters. Now I find that they don't look so nice on me. Although, I think i like to knit them as it's exciting to see new patterns coming out. Should do this in an afghan! Now I am a bit worried that the sleeves will be too plain against the body.
Again I don't have a picture because the original color of the design is black and it won't show well the design on the screen. If you have Keitodama Winter 2004, you can take a look on page 46.

Stay tuned, as I have another FO for my next post. See you soon!


joy said...

My husband wears the sweaters inside out all the time, even intarsia! :D Very nice wips, especially the last purple one!

Agnes said...

Can't agree with you more on variegated yarns! I have tons of such yarns for socks ... which means I can only knit plain socks with them! :(

knitties said...

That's a really nice vest!!! Great job :) And I like the multi-colour project of yours too! The pattern seems perfect for the yarn.

candsmom said...

Fantastic job on the vest!! It's gorgeous and how luxurious, merino and cashmere. Lucky DH, indeed! That's so funny that he wore it inside-out, too! I wish my seams looked that good that people would make that mistake! Your sweater is looking beautiful...can't wait to see your other FO. Take care! :-)

erin said...

The vest looks great, the stitches are so well-defined. It's so funny that your husband wore it inside out the whole day. I like the pattern for your variegated yarn, you choose very good patterns to work with variegated yarn. The dark coloured (is it black?) cardi has very interesting texture - what yarn are you using?

Vivian said...

The vest look great and comfry, I'm sure it's warm and nice to wear, lucky husband. :) And both of your WIPs are nice too, especially the variegated yarn one, can't wait to see them in FOs.

Siow Chin said...

I'm sure he's very happy with the vest, it looks so comfy! And how funny about the inside-out!

Laura.Y said...

Lucky hubby of yours...:) Merry Christmas dearie and Happy Holidays to you and your family too.

emy said...

Great vest! Now, I am wondering if socks are ok with him, will vest be next on his acceptable list? LOL!

楊雅韋 said...