Thursday, January 05, 2006

A cardi from last year

Happy 2006! Time just went by so quickly that I have yet to believe it's a new year. Thanks to you all for taking the time to leave comments on my posts. As usual, I was very happy to know that you liked my Amethist and Ruby cardi. I wore many times in the past week with great satisfaction and people were giving compliments about Ruby cardi. ;)
As this is my first post of the year I would like to present another FO. Yes,I saved one for this post. Here is Lapis Lazuri Cardi ( strange name, I agree. lol Just don't understand why i chose this complex name. The stone was just a matching color of the yarn. Anyway, I am not so happy with this cardi because the sleeves came out a bit long. It got worse after a steam blocking.

This was a picture taken at 7:30 AM just before i dropped the kids at school. As usual for early mornings i dressed with whatever my eyes spot first. My son only allowed me for one shot. Here is a better picture without me!

pattern:AMU September 2005
yarn: Extra nomotta - Schachenmayr 100% wool
needle size : Japanese 6
modification: longer sleeves instead of 3/4 length.
I am satisfied with the collar and the way the mixed color border came out. Doesn't it look like intarsia? ( ok, it's just a bit). It's knitted with alternate double rows of dark blue and the tweed blue yarn in seed stitch.
Looking at this cardi, it reminds me of the Chinese jackets that i have.

The shape is very similar. One of these days i should try and knit one, perhaps just like this one. The collar would need a small adjustment though. Well, it's just a thought! There are just too many projects in the queue and with ready to go patterns.
Since the weather was good,I took the chance to take a better picture of Rubi cardi as requested by Joy. Still, not great shot but better than the ones from last post. Take a look at the pattern!

I didn't knit much this week due to my shopping for the weddings tomorrow ( one at noon time and one at night ). I was able to buy one item per day(in slow motion as I could be)! In a total of 4 producing days, 1 day in Hsinchu and 3 days of shopping in Taipei ( oh, add 2 days with empty bags). My last trip was yesterday to search for a small black purse and it took me until the day went dark and on my return I got lost in the suburban area of Taipei. It was dark and rainning. I was tense because the traffic was so bad and i wanted to rush back to fix dinner for the boys. That made me I ask for the wrong direction to get home. Had gone north instead of south of the freeway. I was kind scared as it wasn't just an easy turn around, the following exits were merging to other freeways. Had to call DH and he was in a middle of a meeting and could not just leave the room, kind embarassing. ( luckily, it was not with his boss) Can you imagine me getting instructions from him mixed with talks from work. haha , it's funny now that i am safe home. A good thing about when your kids get older is that they can walk back home from school and order pizza when you are not around. You come back from shopping starving ('cause you skipped lunch to save time) and you get dinner, the left over pizza ( even though is not your favorite food) . Pizza couldn't be as yummy as the one from yesterday night! lol . Well, in spite of this lost incident I am happy that I will be going back to Taipei by myself again in the near future to search for the textile district. I want to go to look for buttoms, zippers, beads and of course some traces of yarn stores as well. :D
And last, the progress on my colourway sweater. As you can see, I finish the back, front and one sleeve. Can't wait to finish this one so that I can start on a new project. Hopefully, next week my life will go back to normal. ( no more shoppings!)


Eva Shiu said...

Wonder cardigans ! I love the red cable cardigan especially. Where is pattern from ?

Happy New Year !

Vivian said...

The length of the lapis lazuri cardi sleeve seem fine to me, the colour and pattern is nice. And I love the ruby cardi!! Gorgeous!!

opportunityknits said...

Your Lapiz lazuli sleeve length is just right. I love the colour, the collar and the tweedy edges. The stitch pattern on the body lends a textured look, really a beautiful cardi. I have some quilted Chinese jackets too, but it is too warm here for me to wear them. And you look great in the jeans! :)

joy said...

So how many more fos are you saving? :)

I really like your blue cardi with the different borders, looks great with jeans!

Thanks for the close ups, the cables look really complex, and is something I'd like to tackle in the near future.

knitties said...

Your Lapis Lazuri looks beautiful, I don't find anything wrong with the sleeves at all :-)

Chie said...

Beautiful Fos!!!
Love those cardigans.
I wish I still had patience to knit...

Agnes said...

I like the outdoor shot of the blue cardi ... I like that blue more. Which one is the true colour? That's an interesting way to knit with 2 colours ... perhaps can only be found in Japanese pattern book. ;)

Siow Chin said...

I love the modeled shot, so good! And what a name, sounds like a spell from Harry Potter!

Laura.Y said...

Everytime I see your knits, I feel so amazed! They all look so good and complicated and you seem to whip them out in no time..:)

楊雅韋 said...