Monday, February 27, 2006

Thinking about knitting all the time!

I think about knitting all the time and I have to say that it's a pleasure for me to find hand knitted things! This past Saturday , on my way to the bookstore to buy the latest Interweave knits magazine , I saw something new on the streets. Imagine how excited I was to find a stall selling hand knitted items. I was thinking so much about knitting and perhaps that's why these knitted finger puppets appeared in my sight:

Aren't they so cute? Well, handling the puppets in my left fingers and taking a photo with the right hand was a bit hard. So here is a better view,

I had to buy a few as they come from the other side of the world.. Can you imagine that these puppets were made in Amazon, Brazil. Delighted as much as the little teenagers girls besides me I had a hard time to choose among little socks, witches, birds and various cartoon characters. My favorite is the white sheep ( alpaca?) made of seed stitch.
The seller is originally from Amazon and travels around the world selling hand crafted articles. His next stop will be in Thailand and South Korea.

Next, I will present my forgotten Topaz cardi ( taupe one). I finished it a month ago but i was undecided on the buttons( yes, I used my Swarovski buttons) and was waiting to take a better picture. However, the weather will not bring any good weather this week, only clouds and rain. So I think I will just show it now. Btw, I wore it on my belated bday dinner and I think it was cozy and comfortable.

I only wished that I had used a thicker and new yarn. Remember this yarn was an unraveled one from the bolero I was knitting some time ago? The frogged yarn was used for the back and I can tell the sts don't look so even compared with the the sleeves and the front that I knitted with a new yarn.

Pattern: Puppy winter 2005 book
Yarn: On line - Linie 39 Kaschemerino
Italian yarn ( wool/cashmere/acrylic) 8 balls
Needle: Japanese 7 (4.2mm)
Modifications: I've enlarged the cardi in general to fit my yarn. Also, I had to redo the sleeve caps as they are always small for me. I wished that the botton part of the sleeves had a more visible bell shape but it was hard to recalculate the pattern.

Thank you all for the supportive messages on my last post! They truly gave me a good encouragement to move on my Cotton Candy project. Have you notice that I am in better spirit today? :D
I think it's because I got the border in place and finally the leaves don't seen to be so twisted. The sewing process of the border wasn't as bad as I predicted and I even got the border bottom matched with the rest of the front border ( improved mending skills?). Take a look at my border, please!
Ah, nothing like comforting words from knitting friends! ;)


knitties said...

Your projects are all so beautiful and inspiring! And you are one fast knitter :) Cute accessories, love the Spiderman finger puppet!

Agnes said...

OMG ... these finger muppets are so cute! I like the seed stitch alpaca too!
Your Topaz cardi has a perfect fit. I don't usually like bobbles ... they are hard to knit and sometimes too 3-dimensional to my taste ... but the bobbles on this cardi look great.
Good job on the Cotton Candy ... I think you'll have another FO really soon.

Toni said...

That cardi is spectacular! You can totally see the bell in the sleeves--they're just the right amount so they're a nice design detail but not so belled that you have to worry about them getting in the way. I had to smile when I saw your new project (knitting up so quickly!). I was going thru my WIPs which included my Jaeger in China Pink sweater. And another coincidence: I was looking thru Weekend Knitting and very nearly cast on for finger puppets. Knitting minds think alike :)

yuvee said...

OMG! I love the finger puppets! *must figure out how to make one*
And your cardi is just amazingly gorgeous as always. I'm not too fond of bobbles, but they look great on your cardi. I especially love the sleeves anyway.

erin said...

The sheep finger puppet is in my fave seed stitch, so cute. Your taupe Topaz fits so well and the buttons are a good match. The sleeve has just the right amount of "bell" too. As for the uneven stitches, they should even out after a wash. The pink cardi is looking so soft, I can almost feel its softness.

Eva Shiu said...

Both cardigans looks great ! You are super fast knitter always !

Vivian said...

The finger puppets are so cute, I like the spiderman puppet, very cute. ;) Your topaz cardigan is so gorgeous and I love your pink cardigan as well, very nice and lovely colour.

candsmom said...

The finger puppets are adorable!! Thanks so much for sharing those. And your Topaz cardi is stunning!! What an incredibly perfect fit- I love the buttons and the bell sleeve. Such intricate and beautiful work, as always. Your Cotton Candy is gorgeous, as well! I can't wait to see the modeled shot- you're such a fast knitter!! Take care, Mimi! :-)

joy said...

The taupe cardi looks great on you! The uneven stitches will probably even out after a couple of washes.

The finger puppets are super cute. My favorite is the fish. I think it's pretty cool that person could make little stuff like that and travel around the world!

yuki said...

Your Topaz cardi looks great! I love the fitted look and the subtle bell sleeves. And the Cotton Candy cardi is pretty and feminine, but not overly sweet... it's inspiring me to knit something pink too.

Siow Chin said...

Mimi, I've said it before but I have to say it again. Your knits are exquisite! And the puppets are super cute. I love the spiderman :D

Ling said...

Hi. I have 5 of those little finger puppets from Brazil too, including a sheep!! My lil ones love them. The details are amazing on something so small.
I love your Topaz cardi and I like the subtle bell shaped sleeves. The Cotton Candy cardi is looking gorgeous too.

emy said...

Your Topaz cardi looks fab!

楊雅韋 said...