Sunday, March 27, 2005

Knitting books and magazine for my collection

Saturday my family went to Taipei 101, where there is a " Page One "bookstore. I stopped there with the hopes that I could find the April edition of Knitting, an UK magazine. I couldn't find it in the shelves but with the help of a salesperson, I was able to locate a copy in the carts. How lucky I was, it was about to be put on the shelves and they had only one copy! I got March edition about a month ago in this same bookstore, that's why I guessed the right arrival date. I don't appreciate the designs in this magazine but I enjoy reading their articles about knitting trends, shops and designers' interviews.
I also had in mind, Knitting on the Edge , as my Sis had commented last week. It has great borders designs, I only wished that it had diagrams.
Last one, a Japanese crochet book, it has very cute pot holders, tea pot warmers, etc... I purchased it to learn more crochet skills.