Wednesday, March 23, 2005

New project - Orange Sherbet

orange sherbet Posted by Hello

Spring seems to be arriving, so I decided to switch to cotton yarns instead of wool. I found a simple sweater model to knit this light orange yarn that I bought last year. It is called "Bermuda" from Grignasco ( 54% cotton/ 46% viscose). I normally like to knit more challenging patterns but a simple try on this yarn has made me change quickly to an easier pattern. This yarn is definetely one of the hardest yarn that I had tried before, I think the viscose treads won't run smoothly thru my "kind dried" fingers. Winter season always make my hand's skin very dry and sometimes cracked. Anyway, I was very determined that I need to use this yarn. It has been sitting on my stash of yarn and I still have it in 3 more colors :(