Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Back from Singapore

yarn from Singapore trip

Look what I brought back from Singapore!
I have been thinking about these cotton yarn since we moved away from Singapore. I was delighted to be back at "Golden Dragon" store in Chinatown and check the Japanese "Egyptian Cotton" yarn in so many colors. I got one pack in green ( bottom left) and one in dark rose ( top right).
The bottom right ones are from Jaeger - Siena 4 ply in shades of Blush and Driftwood. The top right one is Sirdar in off white color.
It was hard to make decisions but I think I got enough cotton yarn to entertain myself for Spring and summer. And specially I still got more from my stash! Yarn that I got from Korea, Japan and US trips.
I was kind disappointed from Spotlight craft store as their yarn section has shrunk a lot and there was basically nothing I could buy. Even the thin cotton ones was scarce; I was hoping to get some for crochet. Oh well, that gives me the opportunity to buy in US when we go back during Summer.

I also got back two callous ( not so desirable), one in each of my foot. That's for walking all day long during my trips. I pretty much covered all the shopping places in my list except Tanglin shopping center and a bead shop next to Centre point. I did pretty much all my shopping on the last day as I dropped my boys at Great World City to watch a movie. Then, I rushed to Chinatown for my yarn , got some Korean dramas and also stopped at Yu Wah to check some Chinese dried food.

Kind hard shopping, isn't it? But at least, nowadays, my boys are old enough that I can leave them by themselves for a short time and Singapore is so safe. We all wished for more time, but with only 3 days ( 1st and 5th day was for air travel) to see friends, shopping and husband's golfing is not long enough. It was a nice trip!

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