Friday, April 08, 2005

Finally my spring magazines are here....

I can't believe that I finally got my long waited magazines. I subscribed to "Amu" last December at my LYS and since then had waited anxiously for the postman with hopes that would be dropped at my mailbox. After all, the long waited months brought me two editions ( Jan. and Mar.).
This all happen on last Friday, just hours before my trip to Singapore. I rushed to downtown to buy some gifts for friends in Singapore and also to pick up "Rich More" . Interesting, also got double surprise, the following edition was also available. I skipped my lunch on that day , even though hubby called to remind me that I need to eat something. I was buying some tea at this store and the saleslady kept offering all kinds of tea. Not that I could tell a difference on these Chinese Tea, I picked one that the tea leaves were less toasted. After that, I rushed home and found my Amu package. I was so excited but it was 2 PM, no time for lunch as I needed to pick up my boys from school at 3PM. Therefore, I had only one hour to finish my packing and decide whether I should bring all my 4 magazines. Did not want to bring any extra weight but how could I resist my long waited magazines? Of course not, I hand carried them and for 4 hours and half in the flight I was browsing thru them, one by one with shining eyes! :)

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