Friday, October 21, 2005

Want to take a look on my Mauve Lattice?

Yesterday morning I couldn't wait to send the kids to school and DH to work. The older son walked to school by 7 A.M. ( It's a miracle, waking up by himself and even got his own breakfast?) as this week is the Final for the Running context at their school. It is not his turn but he wanted to watch his friends. The younger one woke up a bit later , but much earlier than usual, and wanted to go earlier to see the context too. So I sent him to school earlier and rush back to prepare DH's breakfast. Only one more left ,but DH ,for some reason took longer than usual to go to work or it could be that I was rushing my daily morning duties so that I could work on my Mauve Lattice. :)
I used my "best" skills for mending as I tend to be impatient most of the times. And that's because I want to finish my projects soon and end up doing a poor job on putting the pieces together. This time I told myself, I should behave and do a better job. I even redid the sewing on the sleeves as it turned out all squeezed and tight on my first attempt. I could not believe how it turned out to be small because this pattern was a 'sure fit' for me. It must be something else! Ah, I found my problem, it was the crochet needle size I was using for mending. I normally use a thin one and that was pulling all the stitches too close. However, going for a bigger size, the result was satisfactory. Here it's Mauve Lattice,

I was so trilled when I tried it on! It fits me so well, no extras on the side or tight armholes.
I only had very little yarn left and I was even able to knit a longer sleeve. I increased 14 rows to extend the sleeves length. This way I can wear it for fall here. So I can't wait to wear it this weekend, just need to find a bottom to go with it. The weather is just perfect for me to debut it around!
Not so perfect, I did two mistakes on the pattern by twisting two cables in wrong direction. The front and back is the same shape and pattern. I should wear it with the mistake on the back, this way is less noticeable as most people look more in the front, right? :D I only found it out when I finished sewing the shoulders. And I wasn't going to unravel it because the first error was on the bottom. Though the second one was close to the armhole. Still, I did not feel like to undo all the mending. See, I am not perfectionist! I can live happily the way it's.

The phone just rang! Good news!! Today my younger boy was competing for the 800m racing and got first place! Can you imagine the proud and happy MOM here! Sorry, it's not relating to knitting but I am so excited that I can't help not to brag about it! LOL
I am just so bad in sports and believe me I have tried and played most of the sports during my childhood and younger days. Unfortunately, I just have to accept that it's missing some sports genes on me! :D For my consolation, my boys seem to be great in sports.

Some info for Ling ( sorry, I don't have your email ) and those interested on Mauve Lattice. It's from Let's knit series and the ISBN # 4-529-04142-5 .
And from my previous post" Is it Fall yet?", the white blouse #11 , the ISBN# is 4-529-04141-7
The covers are also on the post, for M. Lattice it's the magazine with the blonde girl with a gray cardigan. And the second one is the right bottom with a lady wearing a white sweater.

And here for Vanessa ( remember you have request some time ago?) and all my knitting friends , I will leave you with some pictures of my latest AMU.
Today is Friday , the house is clean and I am ready for my favorite activity: Having a nice hot rose tea with Godiva chocolates (if any left) and search from my pile of knitting magazines for my next design. :)


joy said...

It fits you perfectly! And I don't notice any mistakes. :) Congratulations to your son!

Eva Shiu said...

Hi Mimi !

Did you modify the pattern by yourself ? I remember there are over 150 sts on each side !! How can you finish so quickly ? ?

It is beautiful and looks great on you !

knitties said...

Oh wow, your Mauve Lattice is gorgeous and it does fit perfectly! I got the book after reading about it in your previous post :-) And thanks for sharing the snippets from Amu. Congrats to your son for winning the race too!

erin said...

It looks so pretty and I'm glad you had enough yarn. This Amu is a very interesting mag. I've never seen it here before. And 3 cheers for the champion son!

Agnes said...

Uh la la ... Mauve Lattice is beautiful on you and don't worry, the mistakes are not noticable at all. I just discovered I can find Let's Knit series here in a japanese bookstore, but didn't see the one with Mauve Lattice. Maybe I can ask them for a special order.

Toni said...

Mimi, it's wonderful! Fits you soooo well!

Ling said...

hi. It looks beautiful! I can't believe you knit so quickly!
Off to Yesasia to order those books. Thanks for the information.

handknit168 said...

It is excellent and looks great on you.

Vivian said...

Such a gorgeous knit and it fits you well and lovely. I love the colour as well.

Siow Chin said...

Your look great in it, Mimi! And the lattice is so much work, I can't believe you finish it so fast.

handknit168 said...

I love your white sweaters picture posted on Oct 6, 05. Which book they are appeared on ? For the new purchased mohair yarn, it is for a half-circle lace shawl. It is WIP, I think it takes me much time to complete it.

Vanessa said...

Another great FO Mimi, and it fits you so well. Great job! Thanks for sharing the Amu mag.

yuvee said...

That's really beautiful, Mimi!
I'm never a fan of Japanese pattern book, cos I can't figure out the pattern, but this Amu mag looks interesting ;)

P.S: Congrats to your boy!

楊雅韋 said...