Sunday, February 05, 2006

Adding purple-lilac palette to my yarn stash

Finally, I am able to post as I am home alone! With my kids off from school, CNY and a last minute trip, knitting and bloging also got their little break. Not that I wanted one from them...

Thanks for the comments about my FOs from the previous post, it always make my day shining as I receive the nice messages! I had the chance to wear my colourway sweater for the CNY even though it was considerably a warm evening. As for the taupe sweater, I run out of yarn ( yes, it happens to me very often) and that was a good excuse to put aside for a while. I should work on it very soon as I am almost done. Just need to finish the top 1/4 of a sleeve cap.

I just came back from a vacation from Singapore Friday evening. My boys wanted so much to visit it again and DH though it was a good idea for us to have a break. I am not used to go abroad without DH but Singapore is very convenient and safe for us. I even let the boys by themselves for hours while I shopped ( bad mom?). Well, I had to let them shop their sporting goods in exchange of my free time. Talking about shopping, I did it until I dropped because I wanted to stop by in all the places I missed at Orchard road and my foot got swollen every consecutive night. Imagine 10 hours of walking per day, even the most comfortable shoes would hurt!

The best part of my trip was that I had the chance to meet Erin! I had so much fun spending the day with her. She is just a nice and sincere lady. Even we had only exchanged emails, our encounter was just like we were old friends. There were just so much to talk and know about each other and of course, knitting ideas to exchange and wips to show ( yes, we both had ours in our bag) . We went to two LYS , Arab Street, Tanglin mall and finished at Takashimaya. She must had been very tired after a day of shopping with me! Even my boys were so lucky, they got CNY red pocket ( ang pow) from her. Thank you Erin for the wonderful time!

Now let me share my yarn purchase with you,

On the left is Filatura Di Crosa Millefili Fine ( 100% cotton) in mauve and off white. In the middle section is the Japanese yarn Egypt-Super ( 100% cotton) in pale pink and light lilac. From the right top is Filatura Di Crosa, Ramie (70% Ramie and 30% wool) ( it was an unusual sale according to Erin). On the bottom right is Rowan 4 ply soft ( 100% merino wool) in lilac.
Have you notice the tendency of colors here? So lilac , isn't it? Somehow, when I was selecting the colors nothing but the palette of lilac was appealing to me!

I also want to show my precious finding of Swarovski buttons,

I have been thinking about them and not knowing where they were available. But now, here they are, in my possession ! :) They are so pretty but unfortunately it's hard to photograph them because of the shining reflection. My favorite are the white transparent ones with iridescent effect.

And to convince you that I am really into the purple - lilac shade, some more yarn that I bought last month ,

On the left is a Japanese yarn that looks similar to the Noro Silk Garden. Mine is also a mix of silk and wool. It feels a bit rough but the color is so nice. I've yet to find a suitable design for it . On the right is just merino wool. I think I have plenty of lilac shade to indulge for the next few years! :D

Yesterday, I got to be an year older! Just a numeric feeling this year, not feeling so old!;) My sis had surprised me with this package that she put together from her trip to Europe.
And sure it made my day! It's all my favorite things !

There are the yarns, perfumes, bath salts, chocolate, tea ( green tea with mango!) and also some knitting magazines!

And last I will show a scarf in progress. It took me two hours of plane time to decide what design to knit. It's hard, at last moment I found that I didn't had a good project to take along to the trip. Once I was settled, I was so contented because it made the flight more enjoyable! I had no problems with the security, even my metal crochet needle was ok! :)


emy said...


Sounds like u have a great haul there! Wished I could have met up with you if I knew you were coming to Singapore :)

joy said...

What lovely stash acquisitions!! That'll last just a short while. ;)
And the buttons are so pretty; I've not seen them before. May I ask where you found them?

erin said...

Happy belated Birthday! You're really in a purple lilac phase - well it is part of the blues colour family, so it should all be good.

Agnes said...

Running out of yarn? That happened to me too recently! Luckily I was able to get another ball in the same dyelot. What are you going to do?
Sure it's making me jealous to see all those goodies ... but you were the birthday girl yesterday ... a belated Happy Birthday!

candsmom said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you! Looks like you had some incredible stash enhancement recently! ;-) All of your yarn is so gorgeous- can't wait to see the great knits you create from them. And how wonderful that you and Erin got to meet each other!! I love being able to meet blog friends in-person. And your Swarovski buttons are especially beautiful. Take care! :-)

Eva Shiu said...

Happy Belated Birthday ! What I great purchase you've made ! All the yarns are in my favourite colour ^^

I never saw Swarovski button. They are so beautiful !

Happy knitting !

yuvee said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Mimi!!
I love all those purpley yarn goodness ;) The Swarovski buttons are really stunning too.

Vivian said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!
The new yarns that you got from Sg are so nice and sweet, love the colour.

yuki said...

What great yarns you've purchased! I'm looking forward to seeing what you will knit with them. And it looks like you got a magazine with colorwork charts too-- are you going to try color knitting soon? Hope you had a happy birthday!

Siow Chin said...

Happy belated birthday to you and what beautiful yarn! I can't agree with you more how nice Erin is. Wish I could have gone to Singapore for CNY too.

楊雅韋 said...