Friday, February 10, 2006

My knitting corner

Thank you all for the happy bday wishes! I will have to postpone my celebrations as DH got tied up at work again. Just as he had planned that we should have a week of commemorations ( to make up for his busy schedule) I got sick with some kind of stomach flu. I passed to the rest of my family, one by one. Just my younger son was spared as he's away in a hip hop dancing camp with his friends.It hit me so bad that I could not even KNIT. So I will not advise my knitting friends to knit while sick as I used to. I have not been ill like this for the past 10 years! It always sounded so logic to me that be bedridden was the best excuse to knit. I did try for a good part of the day, not really realizing how bad I was until I fell apart and finally agreed that I was really sick and with fever.By now we all seem to be in better shape, just with bugs there is not much that we can do besides resting more. Well, I can knit now.... ;)
Since knitting was not the best choice ( I did started some new ones but nothing worked by the end), I opted to flip through my knitting magazines and realized that I should be going for a magazine diet. Would be hard though with the new Spring ones coming out....

I've been tagged by Lyn some time ago about my knitting place. Thank you for remembering me Lyn, but sorry for the delay, it took me a while to post it . It was due to the rush of the new year events that left me postponing the post.

So here is a little peak into my favorite spot! Yes, it's by my bedside.

Maybe one day, I could have my dream room, Mimi's knitting corner... Yes, I dream of having a room that has a cabinet full of beautiful and colorful yarns, knitting books, all my knitting accessories and a mannequin! Nearby, a nice and comfortable chair in a good lighting and nice view....
Although, DH was not certain that he would like to have a mannequin around. The thought of a headless body in the house was not very attractive to him. :D But then there would be no need of me holding up my creation by the mirror and my final project could be displayed for my own pleasure view .
My boys are growing up faster than I can keep track of and the older one will be off to college in less than 4 years, then I will have spare rooms. Thinking it over, it wouldn't be a so happy trade-off. Like i earlier mentioned, my younger ones has been away for less than 3 nights and I already miss him!
I have a space in the hallway of our second floor where I keep most of my yarn in plastic containers and also have a book shelf for my knitting books. It was an attempt to use it for my own corner, or at least, I called it "mine" when I first moved in this place. It's large enough for my knitting corner. However, I had to put a large table there to accommodate my boys' computers. DH ordered them out of their rooms so that supposedly I could supervise my boys while they were using their computers for homework instead of chatting with their classmates. Besides, I also need the space for ironing my clothes and you can have an idea that it's not easy to keep this corner in order! ( sorry no pictures, you guessed it right, it's in a mess now with all the clothes that I did not iron this week). I can't knit well in a messy environment.

So to makeup for my lost space, I tried to fix this little corner by my bedside, which I onlyoccasionally seat there. I don't know why, maybe the chair is not comfy enough or could be that the bed looks cozier and softer.

Sorry, no knitting pictures in this post. I finished the taupe cardi ( on the day I was really sick, I mended it, i think, that is why the result is not so neat.
Well, I hope I did not bored you with this "no knitting" post and the news that I am sick. Hopefully, I will have better things to share on my next post.
Have a great weekend!


joy said...

I have to admit that for me, the worst part about being sick with stomach flu is not being unable to knit, but having to eat really plain food. :) Hope you get all better soon.

Agnes said...

It's just not fun getting sick ... wish you get well soon.

knitties said...

Sorry to hear about your recent bout of flu. Thanks for posting your corners :) Really enjoyed reading about them!

erin said...

Take care Mimi, glad you can knit now. I liked the peek into your knitting corners.

yuvee said...

Take care Mimi, I forgot how it feels to be sick, but it sure sucks. I share your dream of a knitting corner, but mine will have my laptop nearby ;)

Ling said...

Hi Mimi
Glad to see that you are feeling better. If you can't knit, it must have been really bad!! Like you, I need to claim some knitting space for me.
Love your recent purchases, I love lilac as well.

Doreen said...

Hi Mimi,

Hope you will get well soon. Really enjoyed reading this post. Trust me, its not bored at all.

candsmom said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been so sick- that's definitely no fun. And stomach bugs are the absolute worst! I hope you're feeling better and on the mend soon. Your bedside knitting corner looks so cozy! That's where I do most of my knitting, too, with two propped pillows, just as you have. Take good care of yourself! :-)

emy said...

Happy Belated Birthday and hope you get well soon :)

楊雅韋 said...