Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Violet in full bloom

I was finally able to make my Violet in full bloom this Saturday. I didn't blog about it as I couldn't take any pictures outdoors . It has continuously rained in the past four days. A short period of sunshine in the afternoon allowed me to have this picture taken outdoors. With the sun out, I thought that wearing this sweater was going to be so warm, but a sacrifice for an outdoor picture would justify the action. Ah, I was relieved that Violet was perfect for today's weather.

I feel that the neckline is a bit low but proper for the design. ( Thanks Joy for your support! Sometimes we just need someone to approve it. :D)
It's an easy pattern but my yarn split in a few spots making the stitches not perfectly uniform. This time I decided not to be lazy and tried a new seaming method for the reversed stockinette. And now my mending seems much better though to be honest, it still needs much improvement. In overall, I am happy with the outcome and I think the pattern would fit well cotton yarn.

I hope you are not tired of the purple carpet background ( it will be around as long I have purpleish projects), here it comes again! LOL I added a necklace to fill the big neckline. Btw, it's one of my creation made of amethyst and Bali silver beads.

Pattern: Japanese magazine - World Knitting 2005 Fall/Winter
Yarn : 9 balls of Cool Merino - Kid Yarn ( Italy) 100% wool
Needle : Japanese 6 (3.9mm) for the body and 5 (3.6mm) for the borders.
Modifications: I used one size up for the needles. Often the Japanese patterns are a bit small for me , so I decided to try to use thicker needles and yarn. In addition, I increased the armholes but forgot to enlarge the sleeves cap thus it's not as loose as I like around the arms.

To wrap up, how about some food photos? Pardon for so much red, I know, X'mas and Chinese New year are over but I was rushing to find something nice and this new tablecloth was on top of the pile.
In an adventurous mood, this past Sunday my guys decided to take over the kitchen and cooked their specialties. DH is kind out of touch in terms of cooking ( Since we moved to Asia, DH has been too busy to be in the kitchen), oops too much soy sauce in the fish and prawn. Though he is a great cook. I actually learned to cook from him when we first got married. :D
Older son had a Geography project at school and his group was in charge of Israel and he made this Israeli fried potato and onions dish at school and wanted to make a replicate at home( it's the small dish on the right). Initially the idea of them cooking was so delightful, you know, imagine the extra hours for my knitting. The fact is I spent a great amount of time in the kitchen afterwards doing what you just have guessed: cleaning all the mess left! Can't complain, it was a fun evening for all of us. We also had wine and sparkling soda for the boys.

The second photo shows what I prepared for tonight's dinner. It's all Chinese dishes, what we normally eat at home. On the left top is Salted vegetable with fresh soy beans and bean curd. On the right is a simple stir-fried cauliflower with garlic. Bottom left is chicken fillet with onion and mushroom and last, on the right is a cold dish, jellyfish with cucumber and sesame oil.

It's past 8:30 PM and I am anxiously waiting for DH to come back and have his dinner, so that I can start my knitting session!
Hope you are all having a good knitting time! ;)


Scoutj said...

Oh it's lovely! IT looks great on you too!

yuvee said...

You are making me seriously hungry, Mimi.
The sweater looks really lovely anyway, I like the necklace too ;)

joy said...

The neckline turned out perfectly, and shows off necklaces very well!
My husband was the better cook when we first married, but not any more! :D

knitties said...

It's so pretty and the neckline looks great! And gosh, look at that food spread too... yum!

Agnes said...

I think the neckline is not low at all ... and the overall fit is perfect. Lovely lace pattern too. Great job ... and delicious dishes ... I don't cook chinese dishes as my husband is not a fan, but looking at yours made me want to try. ;)

Toni said...

Very flattering! I particularly like the sleeve detail. And, you know me, the neckline is definitely not too low.

Vanessa said...

yeah I think the neck line is perfect. If you feel too bare, can always pair it with pearl necklace or a small scarf.

OMG! You's really making me hungry Mimi...I love salted vege too. I usually make soup with that by adding some tofu, fish ball and tomatoes. Btw thanks for sharing, now I know what to cook for dinner....:)

Ling said...

Violet looks gorgeous and I don't
think the neckline is too low.
The food looks amazing - I really miss proper home cooked Chinese food, especially seafood. Yummy!

Knitnerd said...

wow! you are an amazing knitter, and an amazing culinary artist! I love all your chinese food! Your style is so different than my mom's. I wish she would make a dish of jelly fish for me, too.

Eva Shiu said...

Great sweater ! I love the pattern and the colour too. I think the low neckline is very comfortable for spring/ summer wear. Great work !

candsmom said...

Violet is so beautiful!! What a perfect fit- it's so flattering on you! I don't think the neckline is low at all, either... very pretty and flattering. Fantastic job! Your dishes look so wonderful, too- especially the jellyfish and cucumber. I've tried that before and loved it. Take care, Mimi! :-)

erin said...

Violet turned out great, like all your other knits! Neckline does not look low at all, in fact it looks just right.
And I like how you made a necklace (perfect colours and size) to go with it as well.
Yummy food photos, makes me hungry for lunch :) I am the only person in my family who likes jellyfish but I don't know how to cook it, so I usually get to eat it as part of the cold dish at wedding dinners.

Siow Chin said...

The neckline is just perfect in my opinion and the sweater is beautiful, just perfect for the coming seasons!

emy said...

It's lovely!

wakana said...

This is so beautiful! The color is perfect for spring. I am also working on a purple color now... it's simply lovely for spring!

Vivian said...

It's so pretty, I like the colour, it matches you so well. Wow....all the dishes look so delicious, really wish I could taste them. ;)I cook Chinese dishes most of the weekdays after work as well, my husband doesn't like to dine out, and luckily my cooking taste ok and most of the time he finishes all. ;)

yuki said...

Lovely sweater! The lower neckline and the fitted sleeves make for a very feminine and elegant sweater-- perfect for a slightly dressy occasion too. And it provides the opportunity for all sorts of accessorizing!

I wish my husband knew how to cook too! :) Unfortunately, he has already admitted that he has no patience for it and vows that he'll never learn... So it's all up to me!

Laura.Y said...

I like that blouse, great fit too!

楊雅韋 said...