Monday, May 15, 2006

A special cake for a knitter

On Mother's day I don't have the chance to celebrate the occasion with my mother as she lives in the US. So yesterday, the day was focused on myself and it was full of surprises that I wanted to share in my blog. With all the excitment, I took plenty of pictures to later find out that I probably have too many to show. But not until I stopped this morning by Erin's blog.. She had a beautiful collage photo and it looked so great that i decided to borrow her idea!

The weather was perfect for me to debut Calla Lily, except for the wind that didn't allow my lace border to stay still ( where I live is known as "wind city").
Thanks everyone for the nice words on my knitting, I truly enjoyed reading all the compliments on my Calla Lily. Despite that the pictures always look better than my real work I am still very satisfied with it.
In the evening, DH had reserved a dinner for us at my favorite Japanese restaurant. There were plenty of food( the manager asked politely if were not ordering too much!) but I could only snap those two because my son said it was too embarassing to take photos at the restaurant. ( oh, teenager!) In fact it is but not for the blogging purpose.
Last photo is a gathering of mother's day gifts. The orchid was a gift from younger son and he wrote me a sweet card. Older son presented me a box of Godiva and the dark rich chocolate cake. The other cake was a surprise gift from the restaurant's manager.

This morning I woke up early to take a picture of the cakes as I wanted to serve the chocolate one as breakfast. Still half awake, I took them out from their boxes and I was appreciating the design of my son's chocolate cake. Then, I took a look at the other cake and was intricated by the huge ball. I even commented of how strange the design was to myself. Somehow the big rounded thing reminded me of a yarn ball. And there was even a small one. Oh i thought, I must be thinking too much about knitting and yarn that I am hallucinating about it. Another closer look, it even has these two sticks that ressemble needles. Crazy me, i was even laughing but there was a pink sweater and the more i looked i couldn't believe it. Take a look!

Did you notice the loosen yarn thread hanging out?
I am so fascinated by this cake and wondering if there is a banner ( Hellooo! I am a knitter!) on my forehead . :D DH knows well the manager of this restaurant as he often has business dinners there but I wouldn't think this cake was specially made for me since I saw other customers ( mothers) walking out with a cake box. But how appropriate it was for me, it wouldn't suit anyone better than a fanatic knitter as I am! :D :D :D Ah...Nice way to wake up on a Monday morning. ;) Can't eat the cake yet, haven't had the chance to show it to my guys!

Well, with all the extra calories that will take off my waistline. I had this for lunch today...only greens, plenty of carrots hidden underneath and yellow kiwis with sesame sauce.

I have been waiting for a good excuse to bring these home and nothing like on my special day. It has been on sale for couple weeks and never mind that it cost almost double of what I paid in Singapore ( bought in two other shades). There were good excuses as i had intended to get the the ruby red but there weren't enough balls availbale in Singapore. Besides for each set of six balls, a set of Clover needles was included with a free pattern. Not so impressed by the design but the needles are nice add-ons.

To close this post, just a little sampler of my newest WIP.


Siow Chin said...

Wow, that's a fantastic cake for a knitter! I'm sure your husband must have something to do with it :D)

Eva said...

What a nice cake ! I never see so interesting cake before ! I wish I have somethink similar in my come birthday. But, I don't think my BF have such creative mind !

erin said...

That's the cutest cake - no mistake about the ball of yarn and the needle. Glad you enjoyed mother's day. By the way, your bolero looks perfect worn with the brown top. Love your new yarn colours.

mona said...

what a great husband you have to think of such an imaginative cake!
Glad you enjoyed your mother's day and Calla Lilies lookes stunning

Vanessa said...

Oh wow! I've never seen a cake like that. Awesome gifts you got there.

emy said...

Calla Lily is gorgeous and I must say your hubby is fabulous too!

Now, I must get my hubby to *read* your entry! [lol]

Agnes said...

I think Calla Lily looks even better with darker colour inside ... like the brown top you had in the photo ... brings out the lace very well.

knitties said...

I would love to have that cake... it won't be eaten, of course! Looks like Calla Lily and yourself had a wonderful time :)

yuvee said...

Ugh...not again! Seeing all those pics of yummy food is really a kind of torture for me! My stomach literally called just now ;p
That cake is fantastic too, couldn't be more appropriate! Anyway, I was just talking myself out of buying those yarn, then you tempted me again! Must be fate, gotta buy.

joy said...

That is a too cute cake! How thougtful of your husband/ restaurant manager. :) What a lovely mother's day!

Little Sesame said...

That cake is super cute, and I'm sure it's your hubby's idea. Cally Lily is gorgy with the brown top. Glad you enjoyed Mother's day.

Toni said...

Oh, my gosh, that cake! Sounds like you had a great day--good for you!

Ling said...

The cake looked so gorgeous and I'm sure it must have been super yummy too! Calla Lily looked fantastic as well. What are you going to knit with the new purchases?

wakana said...

you look gorgeous in calla lily! and your husband ... oh my! i have never seen such a wonderful cake!

shanwen said...

hello, that cake is a genius! Lots of handcrafting must be done in order to make it resembles yarn and needles! Lucky you!

楊雅韋 said...