Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The rescue of Lavender

I finished my Lavender this past Sunday but there wasn't any chances for outdoor pictures. Yes, the rain is visiting us for the third consecutive week. So I only have these unclear pictures to share as it was still cloudy when I had these photos taken by this morning.
I am in love with this design, so classical and yet in fashion at same time. I made mine a bit longer than the original pattern. I think for you, younger ladies , the shorter version would look lovely! For me, I think some coverage in the tummy area is more adequate. I specially like the 3/4 sleeves and the collar. Lavender would have another look if it wasn't rescued by Erin from OpportunityKnits. Remember I was missing one ball to complete and put an order for it from my LYS? This particular light lavender shade is not available here. I had originally bought this yarn in Singapore and at that time 8 balls sounded enough for a project.
So in a flash time, Erin mailed the yarn to me . And in a few days, I was able to finish it! Lavender would have no collar and would have to be changed to short sleeves if I couldn't have this extra ball.

Due to the weather I didn't block it. I am just worried that it will expand because the final knitted fabric feels a little loose than I hoped for. So far, it fits me quite well. I am just hoping that it'll keep it's original size.
I like collars and had planned to make a wider one. With this in mind, I even knitted more rows but still didn't yield to a wider collar.
The curved areas didn't turned out to be very neat. In fact, I had to sew a few sts in the curved areas to make it look more even. I wonder if there is a specific way to accomplish that. Though I checked the picture in the book and theirs are also not very neat. Anyways, I still like this bolero very much and I will be wearing it around!

Pattern: World Knitting Spring/Summer 2006
Yarn: Egypt Cotton - 100% cotton ( Japan) ( 9 balls, 40g each)
Needles :Japanese 5 ( 3.6mm)
Modifications: Added extra rows to the body and collar.

Erin helped me on rescuing Lavender but not only that she gave me a wonderful surprise!
In the package, there were these sooooo beautifully and thoughtful gifts!
On my favorite purpleish tones and so neatly wrapped. It was hard to have to unwrap them but at same time I could not wait to open the gifts. Though, I managed to take a picture first! ;)

Look at the wonderful things Erin sent to me!
The big white flower is a dishcloth ( I should name as facecloth)! I just love it, it's super soft and it's very special because she knitted it. I will have to save it. It's my habit with things that I like as I have hard time in using them! ;)
There are the Crabtree Lavender soap ( my favorite toiletry shop), my rescue yarn for Lavender, a devotional book to give me strengths, Regia wool/silk yarns with special socks needles and a booklet with instructions ( there are many designs that i like). It's a perfect set for me to take to US during Summer. Erin, thank you so much for this nice surprise! I love all your gifts!

Thank you all for the compliments on Rose, love to receive your comments!
I am working on my last wip that is the outer cardi Gardenia. I made a good progress on it but more crochet work ahead. I am trying to work only on this last wip before I leave to US in couple weeks. Hehe, the persistence mood only lasted for couple days. Yesterday night, I started to swatch for a new project . Haven't knitted much these days because Summer holidays are approaching and along with it comes the summer courses preparation, tickets to go back to US and you know all the end of school year activities.
So hopefully I can still manage to post couple times before my trip.

For Wai-Fong:
I don't have your email so I will reply to you here:
Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comments! I think the HengYuanXiang yarn is not available in HK . It 's a famous brand in Shanghai. You can have more details about this yarn from Siow Chin's post ( Little Purl of Orient).


yuki said...

Very cute, Mimi! You might think the curved areas don't look very neat, but it doesn't look it from your photos.

Looks like you've got quite a collection of summer knits already. Will you be taking any of them to wear while you are in the U.S.?

opportunityknits said...

Love your Lavender, the 3/4 sleeves and the wide seed stitch borders. I agree with Yuki, the collar looks fine. I really must try the egypt cotton one day. On the ball it looks kind of shiny, but knitted up, it looks great.

Siow Chin said...

Yes, definitely a classic yet stylish knit and it fits you so well. Erin is really the sweetest.

yuvee said...

I love your Lavender, the collar is so cute!
The package Erin sent you is just superb, Regia silk is my new favourite yarn, I'm sure you'll love it!

joy said...

Lavender looks great on you! I would need the tummy cover also. ;)
So...we'll see some socks from you in the near future?

Agnes said...

I think it's a good idea to make it longer ... this makes the jacket more versatile. It fits you very well!
Erin sent you a big Christmas present in June! You are going to love the Regia Silk ... very soft! Enjoy!

Ling said...

Lavender is gorgeous!! It fits very well. Thank goodness for good blogging friends coming to the rescue!!

Vivian said...

Gorgeous!! And it fitted you so well, the colour is nice as well.

Wai-fong said...

Dear Mimi

Thank you for responding. It's very kind of you. Love your knitting, go on and on......

shanwen said...

Mimi, it is so beautiful .I can't help staring at it. It was really nice of Erin to send the extra yarn to you. Love the gifts too
8-) have a great day!

Eva Shiu said...

The cardigan is so beautiful. I love the design and so as the colour ! Good work !

Knitnerd said...

I really like this blouse! My book is arriving and I would knit one too if possible.

Peggy said...

Very nice! I don't usually like working with cotton (even though I still buy it when it's on sale) but your FOs are movitiving me!

Knitnerd said...

Hi, Mimi. My magazine arrived then I had a close look at the pattern. yeah the edging of this blouse is a bit uneven. So how did you modify the edging? How did you "sew a few sts in the curved areas to make it look more even"?

oh yeah, Mondial cable 5 yarn is a very fine cotton yarn, highly twisted with many plies . I think it's ideal for crochet patterns.

Laura.Y said...

wow! so many new and nice FOs again! Drool.... :)

楊雅韋 said...