Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rose in view

I finished my Rose this past Saturday but haven't been able to take any pictures due to the weather. The right bottom photo is a good representation of the true color of Rose. Sorry but you'll just have to use your imagination and paste this Rose on me instead of the bright pink color. DH took the pictures for me just before he left for work and now I' m home alone so no second trials.

Except for the beginning of the lace that I had a hard time, the rest was an easy knit. I'm not so happy with the shoulder area. I should had modified the cut and knitted a bigger armholes and that would yield to narrow shoulders. Besides that I would shorten the sleeves as well.
There is a crochet border around Rose and I followed the design and made 7 button holes ( looks invisible if not used). Though only the first buttonhole is being utilized to keep the fashion trend. Later on, I will be able to add more buttons in case I want a more classical design. Another reason is that I only found this solitaire shell button in my collection. Getting buttons is a big taskfor me as it takes me a one day trip to get to the textile district. So I will need to collect more button needs to make the journey. For now, I'll live with that solitaire button!;)

I only steam blocked my Rose. We are in the rainy season and it has been really wet around here. So I thought it may not be a good idea to wash it. In the end, I like this design and the process of knitting different stitches was entertaining to me.

Pattern: Keitodama Summer 2000
yarn: Filatura Dicrossa Millefille ( 6 balls)
needles :Japanese 5 ( 3.6mm) and crochet 3
modifications: I omitted the embroidered flowers on top of the diamonds and the sleeves border.
Couple weeks ago, DH was on a business trip in Shanghai and brought back a surprise for me. He came in like a Santa Clauss with this huge blue Panda bag. He got the bag in the airport as the yarn boxes were just wrapped in shopping bags. Suposely husband travesl just with his carry on luggage and the excess baggage certainly would not fit in. I was thrilled because I didn't tell him to get yarn for me because I have plans to go to Shanghai in August. Well, to be honest i wanted ( how could Mimi possibly not want any more yarn?) but I was feeling guilty that I had just recently bought so many yarns.

Those are the HengYuanXiang yarn. The red and blue are sport weight ( I guess) and I already have some of the red ones from my last trip ( there was only one box available at that time). Now I'll be able to knit a sweater with this additional set. The purple boxes on the left are the additional red and blue yarns. Next the dark brown and purpleish yarn are fingering weight to be knitted in double ( advice from the saleslady). Oopss, I am describing from left to right, must be influence from the Japanese books!
Did you notice that the yarns are paired? It's one for me and the other for DH. :D :D I guess he's starting to enjoy my knitting! Perhaps, we are a little bit old for matching clothes, but I think I will knit as a set style. I guess it will be fun! ;)
The yarns are tweed with black thread, very fine though. I was wishing that the fingering weight ones were plain, that way they would be ideal for shawls.
I am very happy with these yarns, except for one thing. Now, I have a big problem of yarn storage!


joy said...

The color of Rose is very pretty, perfect for summer. :)

What a nice husband to buy ALL that yarn and lug it ALL back to you. The guy definitely deserves a sweater. You'll just have to knit faster to make room. ;)

Eva said...

The red cardigan looks great on you !
Your husband really a nice guy. I love the yarn from HengYuanXiang too. Their merino yarn is super soft, With you speed, I believe you won't have much problem with your stash ^^

opportunityknits said...

Rose in bloom - very nice for a warm weather cardigan. It looks good, both front and back views. Nice subtle shaping at the waist too. Your wonderful husband definitely deserves a sweater for bringing back such lovely yarns.

Agnes said...

Nice work on Rose! I know the humid weather ... kind of sticky and disgusting! You did right just steam blocking.
A great YAY for your husband! He certainly deserves a handknit sweater. :)

Siow Chin said...

Wow, another lovely FO! And so much lovely yarn too from a sweet husband. I've got some smooth merino ones, didn't know HYX carries tweedy yarn too. When you knit that up, do give us a review how you like it.

yuvee said...

Love your new FO!!
I'm glad now I know about yarn shop in Shanghai, I'll ask my friend to bring some for me next time ;D
Anyway, I think matching knits would be really nice.

Vanessa said...

You look terrific in that color Mimi. It fits you to the tee. Your husband is so sweet to bring you so much yarn. You deserve it. Now tell us what are you going to do with those fabulous yarn:)

Ling said...

Wow. Rose looks great!!

Well done on training your husband. Bringing back yarn is always a plus. What are you going to do with them.

Sally said...

Is HengYuanXiang a regular brand which is available in China?

Rose is lovely and I'm definitely going to swatch my fushia cotton soon :)

shanwen said...

Hello, i am so excited for you. A few boxes of yarns enough to knit a few sweaters, scarves and so much more.By the way, Rose looks beautiful:)

Vivian said...

Your Rose top turn out great!! Wow...Those yarns that your DH got for you are so pretty. I love the colour he choose, he has such a great taste in colour, lucky you. ;)

Wai-fong said...

Lovely works.

Your blog is always a pleasure to read and I really love to see your works. Gorgeous, always!

BTW, is the HengYuan Xiang yarn available in HK?

Noriko said...

Hi Mimi, your Rose cardi is very pretty! And how nice of your husband, bringing back a bag full of yarn from Shahghai.

I've been flipping Japanese knitting books, but all those charts and numbers make me sleepy...

emy said...

Rose is gorgeous!

Now, if only I can *train* my hubby to buy yarn for me...that would be perfect! :P

On said...

wow tooooooooo cute!!!

I love Panda... and just bought a Morn Creations Bag from the following Blogshop:

Share with you the photos of my lovely panda tote bag tmr... hehe

楊雅韋 said...