Monday, August 21, 2006

Little treats from my trips

Hello! Hope everyone had a good and restful summer. I've missed the blogland and being updated with your knitting & crafts news. Sorry for the lack of comments on your posts from my part as I still need to find some nice time to go through all my missed ones.
I am finally back home and excited to go back to my knitting. I had planned to blog but with the trips, my free time was filled with packing and unpacking activities (the unpleasant part of travel). After staying for about a month and half away from home, I am slowing starting to get used to my normal routine.

Four days after my arrival home from US, I joined DH's local off-site meeting (mini travel) for three days and the next morning we were heading to Shanghai via Hong Kong. The later was not in the original itinerary ; however, the stop was necessary for an expedited Visa for China.
I was very pleased with the opportunity for a one day stop, as I had long wished to go to Hong Kong and meet the knitting girls. Although, I was a little reluctant to contact them with a such short notice.
So with my last minute arrangement, I was so pleased to be able to meet Eva and Siow Chin in person. Siow Chin and her little princess JY offered to take me to Cheerwool. It was my lucky day as I found cotton and bamboo yarn at a great price. Besides that, I was even able to preview most of the new Japanese knitting books for Fall 2006. Unfortunately, most of these new books were available only on order and with my next morning flight to Shanghai I had to be satisfied with the quick browsing. At least, I was able to get one book which has many designs I like. ( will show photo next blog).
Eva was able to join us for dinner after her long day of work. It was so exciting to talk about our favorite subject of knitting. I missed the opportunity to meet Joy as she was still travelling in Europe. I hope one of these days I will be able to join their knitting meet up! ;)

The red pack is Japanese yarn, a blend of cotton and linen. On the botton left, Toccata from Filatura Di Crosa. On the right botton are sets of bamboo yarn. These are thicker than my usual preference but are amazingly soft. Can't wait to knit with bamboo yarn!

I had first bought Noro in Las Vegas, it's hard not to be tempted by the beautiful colors . The three tweedy balls are Cascade yarn ( mix of wool/alpaca/acrylic), a bargain that was hard to resist. The pinkish colourway is for socks that I have yet to knit a pair! :) I did start to knit a sock with my mother's guidance but didn't have time to finish it. And some Addi Natura Circular bamboo needles. I decided that I should give a try on circular needles and Addi's cord seem to be great in quality. Just the cost is high, so I just bought in one lenght 80 cm- 32''.

Surprisingly, not much yarn was in my luggage. Hopping from one yarn shop to another with hopes that I would find shawl yarn. I noticed that most yarn shops that I visited carries novelty and thicker yarns, not my favorites.
In other hand, got many knitting books back that I have yet to find the time to browse them! None of them are new titles but they are not available in the local bookstores or LYS here.

That's all for today, just a quick post . As you can probably notice, half of my mind is still on my messy house. In the past few days I've been conquering bits here and there. So hopefully, I will be back soon with real knitting updates!


Peggy said...

Welcome back! So many goodies from your trip! Feels like Christmas came early, hee hee

Agnes said...

Welcome back! Everything looks wonderful ... especially the red Japanese yarns!

joy said...

I hope we'll meet later, Mimi! Lots of nice things you picked up on your trip. Have you tried your ciculars yet?

Knitnerd said...

Wow. you must have a wonderful summer vacation! waiting you turning those fabulous yarns into beautiful garments.

Vivian said...

Well come back. ;)

opportunityknits said...

It will be fun to see what you do with your new yarns. Hope you will like knitting with circular needles. And the books and mags will keep you occupied for some time :)

marjorie said...

Too bad we didn't get to meet each other on your trip to HK. I was told by Eva and Siow Chin about the good time they had with you. Hope to see you later!

handknit168 said...

Buying knitting books is my big hobby. Browing them with thousand and thousand times you won't feel boring. I always read them in my bed.

Ling said...

Hi Mimi
Welcome back! Looks like you had a good trip. Hope you like the circular needles - I love them.

Let me know what you think about the bamboo.

shanwen said...

Wow, welcome home. This is not a quick post at all. I love your yarns and magazine pictures. hope to see you settle down soon.:)

Siow Chin said...

Those goods are definitely good addition to the knitting library. Have you heard of the new lace book to be released called 'Victorian Lace Today'? It sounds really good.

wakana said...

You got lots of goodies --- I don't have much occasion to get Japanese yarns here (unless my mom send them to me) so I am very curious about your Japanese yarns... can't wait to see your project!

Deborah said...

My cousin-in-law just went home to Tokyo to visit, I hope she decides to bring yarn and not nintendo - my kids don't need another video game and I can always use more yarn!

楊雅韋 said...