Thursday, January 11, 2007

Knitting for baby versus teenager

First, thanks for continuing to visit my blog and leaving nice comments! These days, I am tied up with sons' final exams coming up next week. I have pressure to ensure that they study ( but they don't ! :( ) and to cook proper meals you know all mom's duties. Also I am still spending time with house chores lately leaving less mind for knitting and blogging. Little progress though as I have hard time letting unused things go. I initially missed the New Year deadline and I am trying to achieve my goal of de-cluttering the house for the Chinese New Year. One lesson learned is to have less things at home, specially if there isn't enough storage around the house. And this should apply for my yarn stash and the knitting books that have accumulate these past few years.

During my clean-ups, I found my sons' pictures from their baby years and spotted the little knits I had made for them. Here are couple ones that I have forgotten with time. First photo shows elder son at about 9 months. Look the vest, it's intarsia!! This one below, is second son when he was only a few days old. I don't recall how long it took me to knit these little garments but I am sure it was much faster than finishing this one below,
Above is second son after 14 years, sporting his new sweater. In general, it fits him with the exception of the shoulders that are too wide. This is the first time that I am knitting a custom sized sweater. I normally just take one size from a pattern and roughly adjust the width and length. supposedly with a precise calculation the teacher at LYS would come up with a custom pattern. However, it's not perfect due that I have no experience in taking correct body measurements. Initially she felt that the shoulder length I gave her was too wide but I assured her ( proudly! :D) that it was correct as my son was a swimmer. Anyway, I emphasized that it needed to be oversized as the young man wanted it to fit his style. Besides that, the sleeves turned out to be big and short but by the end it was compensated by the shoulders. Also the yarn is not the best quality, it's rather scratchy and hard. In despite of these problems, it was a good project that facilitated me to learn some basics techniques that I was having trouble to learn by my own. Among those are the mastering of closing the tubular stitch , attaching the sleeves and knitting fair-isle.
Both son and I felt that it would look nicer as a vest but then it was too late, as for vests the cut for armholes are deeper than in sweaters. I would have to take apart the v neck and redo 1/3 of the front and back and that would be too much work, specially that the sleeves were all done just waiting to be attached.

In the end, the young guy seems to be satisfied with his sweater after the girls at his school noticed and made nice comments about it! :D

Pattern: Ondori Men's knit Fall 2003

Yarn: Steinbach Wolle 100% wool - Austria ( 14 balls) and some remnants of red and taupe yarn

needles: straight Japanese size 7 ( 4.2 mm) and circular 3.75 mm for the ribbing

note: ribbing bands knitted in round, top down from provisional casting on and binding off using tubular stitch method. It yields to a nicer band.

I had a nice surprise during the holidays that I have not shared yet! Look at the lovely things that Yuvee had carefully prepared for me! As always, she is so thoughtful with her gifts and I have only to agree when she said these things reminds her of me. It's a complete knitting set to indulge me! Oh the the yarn is Zephyr wool-silk from Fiddlesticks that I wanted to try but can't get it here.


yuki said...

Such cute baby knits, Mimi-- and perfect on the even cuter models! And the argyle sweater you made for your son looks nice and classic. Though it may seem oversized at the moment, might he still grow into it some?

Have you got any plans for the Zephyr yarn yet? ;)

opportunityknits said...

Such cute knits and babies! The new sweater has a nice roomy fit and your son looks good in it, no wonder the girls noticed :)
The zephyr is a lovely yarn, I used it for my kimono shawl. Look forward to seeing what you'll knit with it.

Siow Chin said...

That's a lovely sweater that you knitted for your son. It's so well knitted and finished that it looks like machine-knitted! How is the new knitting and crochet book?

Sue said...

What wonderful photos of your past hand knits. The intarsia looks wonderful, and Yuvee's pressie looks fantastic.

joy said...

Guess you'll be getting more requests from your son for handknits. ;-) The baby pictures are just precious; intarsia = love.

Jan said...

Your sons sweater turned out very nice! I noticed with my boys that if a girl told them they looked nice in something they would wear it forever. My duaghter and I think this very funny! But your sweater does look nice on him, not too big.

Toni said...

Mimi! That sweater looks great on your son--a classic design that will last forever. Great going!

Andrea said...

The baby knits are so cute! The sweater looks great on your son...a good fit. Thanks for the comment.

Caroline said...

It sounds like our children are close to the same age. How do little, cuddly babies become near adults so fast??? I love your son's sweater too. I've really been out of "blog-ville" for a while. I hadn't seen your Gardenia twin set. It's beautiful!

Vivian said...

The baby outfits that you done for both of your sons look cute. Do you still keep them? And the new sweater looks very classic and it seem to me it suit your son very well.

Peggy said...

You know what? I saw that book Knitting loves Crochet at the store and I immediately thought about you! Of course I am completely hopeless with crochet but there are many beautiful patterns and I think you will like them too :)

Vanessa said...

It's so cool you still have your baby knits pictures. They look adorable. I'm sure they bring back lots of memories.

yuvee said...

I love those baby knits! But of course, the latest sweater looks great with all the simplicity of the pattern.

Dipsy D. said...

I *so* adore your the baby pics of your sons, such cuties - and the knit work you did for them back then is absolutely stunning, beautiful, beautiful intarsia!
I also totally love the sweater you did for your son, it's so gorgeous as well - you never fail to amaze me with your fantastic knitting! By the way - do you still keep the baby sweaters you did?

JL said...

How time flies !

Fond memories of those baby knits. Cute !

楊雅韋 said...