Monday, January 22, 2007

My first hat

I finished my entrelac hat a while ago . I didn't post it because I was waiting to finish a pair of matching gloves. However, my first try was not successful, the thumb turned out to be huge compared to the other fingers that ended up being very skinny. I didn't enjoy knitting with the tiny needles. Now, it's going to be a lonely hat as I decided to buy a pair of thin gloves instead. My single glove will go to the "frog pond collection" .

Pattern: Let's knit series winter 2004
Yarn : Diadomina from Diakeito ( Japan) 50% wool, 21% mohair and 29% acrylic. color DD312, used about 1 1/2 balls
Needles: Japanese size 7

Love the colors on this hat, don't you? There is a vast array of colors for this yarn that makes so difficult to select one. With this project, I enjoyed knitting entrelac but how I wish I could memorize the steps. I am knitting another identical hat for my mother and still find forgetful in some areas. I am not a hat person as they give me a bad hair look even after wearing for a short time. But this hat will be handy as I am going on vacation to Hokkaido beginning of next month. We have a late winter vacation as the schools here set their breaks to match with the Chinese New Year.

With the white snow scenes in my mind, I just have to have a new sweater to take along. For a while, I have being eyeing on a sweater that the LYS teacher came out with a pattern. I have seen this design in many popular magazines and thought I could be able to knit by myself ( knowing of course, that there are millions of knits that I always dream about duplicating and that never happens!) . After getting the instructions from the teacher, I realized that it's more complex than I had first imagined. There are short rows ( in purls) on the long curved strip that is part of a yokeand for the body that is bell shaped, the decreases are done proportionally through out the body. So far, I only have the sleeves and part of the yoke done. It's taking long time since I need the teacher to provide the steps. The process is slow as there is no formal drawing charts to follow and I get confused with verbal knitting instructions. Above, is one sleeve and part of the yoke. By the way, I am using Chamonix from Jaeger, mix of Angora and extra fine merino wool in a purple gray color, it's not so bright as the photo show. Wonderful yarn to knit with, it's so soft and very light.

There are only two weeks left before our departure date and I still have to knit a hat and/0r scarf for DH. And yet, I am so greedy that I think I should have more than a new sweater for this trip.
Actually, this vest ( or sweater?) started because I run out of instructions to continue on the purple sweater. As you know, I couldn't be empty-hands for a couple of days ( teacher was away for a week), had to find something to knit. I had in mind to have a vest with an intricate cable work but alas, so eager I was that I did not plan it well . See how the cables ended ? I should have placed the braids more on the left so that the neckline decreases would not interfere with the cable work. I am using one of my HYX yarn in a double strand. The knitted yarn is very soft but I think that merino wool would be a better choice for cable works. The cables with the HYX yarn don't stand up as much. I am not so sure that I will continue this project but I am worried that I will not like to see the frogged yarn around either. By now, I think I should focus on my Chamonix sweater for the trip.

Thanks for your nice words on my son's sweater! He only got to wear once as we are having a very warm winter. I think he'll sure appreciate it once we arrive in Hokkaido! ;)


handknit168 said...

How beautiful to go to Hokkaido. Are u going to join the Snow Festival at there ? Please don't push, knitting is for pleasure, not for pressure.

Andrea said...

The hat is beautiful! I would have loved to see the matching gloves.

The cable pattern is awesome and the color is beautiful! Great job! Thanks for the comment.

opportunityknits said...

The hat is beautiful, I love it! You chose very lovely autumy colours. I have the magazine but I cannot understand how the top part works out - how you cinch (sew?) up the top.
I can see which design you are knitting with the cables - it's something from the latest designer runway, can't remember which designer though. It's a very flattering swingy design worn with pants. I wouldn't have guessed that there are short rows at the top part. I can see that your braided vest is very soft. It looks very nice to me, but give it a break and when you come back from your trip you can decide whether you still like it or not.

Agnes said...

I LOVE that cabled vest(sweater) ... love the cables! Haven't really tried entrelac ... but I have yarns that would be good for entrelac ... breaking up the pooling.

Toni said...

The colors on the hat are lovely and very versatile. I'm a non-hat girl too but do covet them. It'll be interesting to see your progress on the cable sweater. It seems like an unusual pattern.

Jan said...

I like the jewel tones in your hat. I bet it looks very pretty when it is worn. I have been meaning to try some gloves but only in one color to start. I also have Chamonix in my stash to knit a sweater with. I am very curious how your sweater is going to turn out! The design looks intriguing. Hope you can finish all your work before your vacation!

Dipsy D. said...

What a very, very beautiful hat this is, and I *so* adore the yarn you've been using for it, it looks so soft and warm and cuddly, and the colours rock big time! I've never tried entrelac so far out of fear of messing it up completely, but you certainly inspired me to try my hands at it now!
And the sweater you're working at right now - it's so absolutely awesome! The cabling looks really divine - this is going to be a real piece of art!

joy said...

I love the colors of your hat. It'll stand out nicely on the slopes in Hokkaido! ;-)

And the cables are gorgeous too!

Siow Chin said...

The hat looks just great and I'm sure the new sweater will turn out magnificently.

shanwen said...

love the colours of the entrelac hat ! Yummy berries

Peggy said...

The hat's colors are beautiful! I also love the cables... soooo soft and cozy.

Vivian said...

The colours of your hat are beautiful. I'm sure it will look more prettier in the snow white environment of Hokkaido. The new sweater you are knitting seem very interesting too. And it will be a pretty FO as well.

yuvee said...

The little hat looks very "grapey" to me, very cute!
All the gorgeous cables on your WIPs make me itch to knit some too! Oh, and Hokkaido sounds like lots of fun...farms and cows?

Lily said...

Hi Mimi, I just love all your FOs. You are very fast knitter :)

Laura.Y said...

The colors of that hat reminds me of autumn with raspberries & strawberries. For someone doing something complicated cables you still knit so fast. :)

楊雅韋 said...