Wednesday, October 24, 2007

clicking on the needles

It's passed twenty days since my last post. And that is because I am back to the same boat with some health issue again. I am trying to be optimist and not think too much until I know more about it. That explains why I haven't been commenting in your blogs lately. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving nice notes to me. It makes me wanting to click more on my needles.

For couple days I've been worrying about my family in San Diego. As you might know there is a major wild fire issue over there. My parents, sister and brother's were all evacuated from their homes. Luckily they are all safe and sheltered at a friend's home. I can imagine how terrifying these past few days has been for the people in the area. It looks like that my family houses are safe, including my brother one that was in the most critical location. I was thinking about the orchard on the back of his house that I had just contemplated a few months ago. It's true that in time like this, you just feel blessed to be safe. But loosing your house, though is material matter is still too sad. There is a lot of sentimental value and your nest is where you find comfort.

I feel relieved and that makes me feel good and in the mood to blog. And all this time I have been working on these,

The violet top, is done by now but waiting for a couple of buttons, that I've yet to find a pattern, since I have in mind to either crochet or knit some flowers to use as button.

Did you notice the little plastic Clover needles? My new toys ,that I've just discovered since I started to knit the Lilac top. They are great for sleeves and the collar area.

Another project that I have been working on is this Vanilla top. It's a design that I've been eyeing for some time. The design is from one of my old AMU magazines. It's a combination of crochet and knitting, somehow I have an attraction for this type of project.

It has been put aside since I don't have time to go to the class these days. I need help on connecting the crochet flowers. So in meantime, I have other priorities like this,

Oh, I am so in love with dark reds like in my Bourdeaux top.

Ooops, there was an uneven stitch but all the way down. Apparently, I knitted through the thread and only caught a very thin one. I could feel it would rip very easily by itself, just a matter of time. It was much closer to the border but I just didn't want to unravel the border. There were a few difficult rows in there. I took the risk and frogged from the top instead, after all, they were just plain stitches. A bit risky because I run the chance to ruin the whole piece. But I did,

A crochet hook solved my problem and it is all fixed and I could not tell I had done a mini surgery there. I even decided to do a makeover for the sts adjacent. This design is knitted bottom up. First I knitted the back and front and sew the sides. Next was the sleeves and connected them to the body. I left all the sts for each part on needles and connect them all to form the yoke. It wasn't an easy job to sew the sleeves to the body. It shows my poor mending skills ; however, I think they won't be so obvious as the section will be hidden by the underarms. I am hoping.


Laura.Y said...

Sending good vibes your way and to your family too. Love the projects u have at hand right now. They look interesting.

yuvee said...

Wishing your family all the best, and hope you are all well ;) Hope to see more of your pretty FOs soon!

Maryann said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the recent disaster. My good thoughts to you and your family. Take care.

opportunityknits said...

Relieved to hear your family and their homes are safe. Really hope the fire gets under control soon. It’s great fun to peek at your projects. The red one is especially enchanting.

Peggy said...

Happy to see you back! And I love all your projects! Love the red color! And I love the design of the purple one!

Ling said...

Glad to see you back. Hope you are feeling better and that your family is safe. You knits are looking great. I love the red top the best!

Mlle F. said...

Happy to read you again !! Your choice of pattern is very nice as usual!

Little Jezzie said...

I can't wait to see all of these in FO form!! I'm especially excited about the Vanilla's going to be stunning, no doubt!

JL said...

Best wishes for you and your family.

I love those little flower in the Vanilla Top.

Vivian said...

I heard the news over the TV and glad to hear that your family are not affected. All the best to them and to you on your health.

Jan said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling well again. Glad your family escaped the fire! You have been very busy! I am in a deep red mood also and just ordered some yarn in that color for a new project. Like I need one! Can't wait to see everything done. Hope you feel better!

Celia said...

It's good to hear your family is safe. Hope you will feel better soon.
I am still trying to catch up on all my blog reading. I am glad you had fun visiting the Bay Area LYS. The yarns you picked up in Singapore look very nice, I wish we can find similar things (light weight yarn) here in US. I like the lilac yoke top. I have seen several FOs from different knitters, yours look great on you! The doily cardi is beautiful as well!

楊雅韋 said...