Friday, November 04, 2005

Knitting a vest for DH...

Oh! I had a busy schedule this week because the boys had their midterms (glad is over!) And I had accidentally scheduled a dental appointment and a health check-up all in this week. Not the smartest and pleasant thing to do since I hate both of them.
At least, I was looking forward to the health check-up day, not the procedure itself, as a day out with DH in Taipei. And just imagine all the free time that I would have for knitting. So the night before, I was checking on my current project, a vest for DH that is going to be his Bday gift next month. I didn't finish the back because I need to resize the armholes. That's the problem when you knit without a pattern! I couldn't find any design that I liked as I only have a few men's pattern in my magazines. Here is the progress on my first knitting gift to DH ( he is finally showing more interest and giving more support to my hobby) ,

I only managed to knit a small part for the front ( on a full day in the hospital). I packed so many things in my bag, look ( I know it's not a very elegant bag but I treasure it because it's transparent and I can check quickly if something is missing)

DH's vest( Graphite cables, I am using this combination yarn of merino wool and cashemere, indeed it's so soft), extra needles (thinner ones for border), a book ( KnitLit) in case I feel like reading, an extra project ( pink wool and colorful mohair to turn into a scarf) to substitute when things don't go well with Graphitte cables.
When we arrived at the check up counter, I found out that I would be separated from DH. That's because my appointment was for a half-day check-up. I thought I could save money ( and spent it in a nice way, how about getting some nice yarns?) and besides, there are a lot of tests in the full-day package that I was not willing to do. I always skip tests on my yearly check up and I feel is a waste of money. However, this time ended up not been a savings at all sinceI had a lot add-ons tests. :(

So I was hopping from station to station and carrying my "knitting goodie bag" and in every stop someone would ask me wether I wished to have my bag stored away. I guess people don't bring anything with them on check-ups. :D
I was so thankfull to have my knitting, it kept my mind away while I was waiting for my turns. I was a bit stressed out in that big hospital and going thru places that looked like mazes. Not only that all the signs were in Chinese ( can't read it) but also because I had to run around with this huge pajamas that could probably fit two Mimis. Anyway, by noon I managed to locate DH and guess what? He was in this more private place and he even got his own room with bed, TV and bathroom. I had two more tests in the afternoon and I was advised to keep the pajamas. I was so SMART, I couldn't wear those pajamas a minute longer. Imagine that I would had to run to 4 more stations in the afternoon wearing that costume??! No way, I changed back to my clothes, even though Halloween was just the day before!
We were able to get out around 4 PM and DH asked where I wanted to go. I don't know the district well, except that there is a Japanese bookstore nearby. And I found this men's knitting magazine, a small treat after a hectic day. I wish I had this magazine before I started DH's vest but I am sure it will be useful for my future projects.

Last but not least, thanks for all your warm comments about my shrug. When things don't go well we need some encouragement!! :) Have a fun knitting weekend!


knitties said...

Sounds like you had quite a full day... thank goodness for knitting! You're so talented to design on your own. Sometimes I think I would wanna create a pattern but I chicken out when it comes to side/armhole/neck shaping. DH's vest looks great, btw. I'm really into darker, sombre colours now.

erin said...

I'm sure your DH will appreciate the vest that you are knitting for him, especially since it is unique, the only one of its kind. And that health check sure kept you busy.

yuvee said...

Would it sounds weird if I told you that I actually enjoy health test? Not the clown dress part though ;D
Anyway, I like your knitting bag!

Toni said...

I hope the checkup went well--always stressful. Good thinking to tote along your essentials, including the vest which is smashing! next time you can make your husband something from the new book, but this time it'll be extra special because it's your own creation.

Eva Shiu said...

Hi Mimi, I have that book too. The patterns inside are really nice. I am knitting a cable cardigan from this book now.

Laura.Y said...

ur rubellite shrug looks gorgeous! Do remember to take a break once in a while. I know how it is with a busy schedule..:)

joy said...

I really like that vest you're knitting for your husband. Looks like something my husband and my father would wear also. A classic!

Siow Chin said...

I like it that you pack in an extra project for contingency, you never know and you won't want your fingers to be idle right, I can understand that!

Vanessa said...

Hi Mimi, your DH's vest is looking great. I've been wanting to knit a vest for my hubby but always got distracted by other projects.

handknit168 said...

I also has many things to knit but time is limited. My next target is to knit lace shawl (triangle, half-circle etc.) But buying those yarn is difficult in HK, I am now busy in searching yarn at on-line shop.

candsmom said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog and I love all the fabulous items you've been knitting! The vest you're making for your husband is absolutely gorgeous. You do really beautiful work. And I'm glad that you were at least able to snag a great magazine after such a hectic day!

楊雅韋 said...