Tuesday, May 29, 2007

new knitting corner

It has been a while that I'm dreaming to have a craft room. However, we don't have any spare room at this moment and my yarns have all been in container boxes that I would stack up one on top the other. It added to a total of five and the search for yarns was absolutely unpleasant to perform. I would feel upset to see my treasure yarns being smashed in order to close the covers on them. There was only one solution to this dilemma, to buy a cabinet for my yarn stash and knitting books that have been piling up next to my bedside since the bookshelf was completely full for a while.

Presenting my new knitting corner where I knit, blog , shop for yarn and dream about my knitterly things! It's really a corner as this space is an open area by the stairs in the second
It's not my dream cabinet ( I would like to have a white one), only a simple teak one but provides lots of storage. At least it was what I thought before I loaded my books and yarns. My HYX yarns ,purchased in Shanghai ,don't fit in. How about the bottom compartment? It's where I hide the odd balls and the not so appreciated ones.

Here is a close-up view, the main column yarn is all cotton ones. Oh, I so love the sliding doors!
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Last section are the wool ones. It would look nicer if the yarns were left out of the plastic bags. I decided to keep them protected as leaving them out would dangle up the balls as I often see in LYS.
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Then as a conclusion, building up a yarn stash has it's price. Storage is a major issue and you'll have to spend more to buy a cabinet. And also you need to explain to your non knitter visitors the need to have a cabinet full of yarns at home! Luckily mine is on the second floor, out of view from most people.

Oh but I do love my new corner! I enjoy just to seat there and look at the colourful yarns. By the way DH wants to claim some credit on my new corner since the cabinet was his gift. It's true , I wouldn't have it here now if he hasn't helped me to make decision.

I am de-cluttering my house these days, it's a very tiring task. This week however, I am taking a break from that and decided to knit more. I am afraid to confess but I think I have startitis. Besides the projects I showed last week, I swatched ( really!) for a top down blouse , started a caplet and I am about to finish this bolero.
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mueja said...
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Pax *knits said...

You are also love japanese book. Can't wait to see the bolero when you finished it. I am looking for a new japanese book 毛系夏 ,is it good or not?

Peggy said...

Wow! That's quite a stash! I think you have more than me!!! I am so jealous of your cabinet. I have been dreaming for some time now of kicking out my roommate so I can reclaim the den and use it as a yarn storage room... very expensive indeed. :)

yuvee said...

That's fabulous! I'd loooove to have a craft room one day too, alas now my stash are kept in ugly checkered laundry bags. Your knitting mags collection is really something too ;)

Agnes said...

Wow! It's a very neat and tidy corner! And it feel large to me in the photos! Lucky you. :)

Knitnerd said...

Love your cabinet! When I have as much yarn and books as you, I would love to get a cabinet too!

opportunityknits said...

Oh, Mimi, that's such a lovely cupboard of yarn and magazines. I wish I could visit you and sit and knit with you in your knitting coner! Is startitis infectious? I'm itching to start other projects too :)

AndreaLea said...

What a great space! And so organized!

Little Jezzie said...

Oh, I can't wait to have my own little "area" for all my knitting stuff! One of these days, we'll get around to that.

Is that from the latest Keito-dama? I think I'm going to head to the Japanese bookstore near my home and order it...I've never knit from a Japanese pattern before, but I've seen so many nice things!

knitties said...

What a fantastic corner... I love it and am in awe of your yarn collection!!!

Lily said...


joy said...

I'm so envious! ;-) It's nice to have your yarn put up just like a yarnshop, all color coordinated. If it helps to squelch the urge to buy more yarn, I'd bet my husband would get me a cabinet too! :-)

Siow Chin said...

Yes, envy from my end too. So beautiful! The yarn, books, I wish I have a corner like that.

Lillian said...

Your corner is like a little shop, you've got so many yarn!! :)
I put all my yarn in boxes and put them in my closet. It has a little problem for doing that: because I would forget what yarn I owned.

JL said...

Thanks for sharing your yarn corner with us.

Vivian said...

My yarns and fabrics all stash in container boxes as well and it's really hard to search when I in need of them. Guess I have to buy a cabinet to store them too. Yours is really well managed and I love how you arrange your yarns.

sue said...

Storage for yarn is always a never ending thing isnt it. You are so lucky to have a space to put it where noone really sees it. At least now you can admire it. I love the new projects you are starting to knit too, wonderful.

MelB said...

I just saw your cabinet filled with all the lovely yarns!! I am so envious- btw, is there a good yarn store in Malaysia that I could go to? Am currently in Melbourne but will be moving there soon in August!Thanks - love to visit your blog!

楊雅韋 said...